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Canada Permanent Resident Visa Processing Time form India – Canada Immigration

Canada PR is one of the most sought after immigration visas in the world. There are many categories you can apply through such as Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nomination Programs, International Student stream, Family Sponsorship stream, Entrepreneurship Stream etc. and the processing time varies with each field. The average time taken for private citizens lies between 5 to 8 months. However, it may extend up to 12 months depending upon several factors.

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Canada PR Visa Processing Time From India 2019

Canada has one of the fastest PR processing times among all immigration programs in the world. Since the establishment of the Express Entry program, the amount of time taken to process each application has been reduced to just above 6 months. So, realistically speaking, you can actually move to Canada within 6 to 9 months of filing your application. This swift processing is one of the many reasons why immigration to Canada has become even more popular than it already was in recent years. Keep in mind however, that if you want to move to Canada as quickly as possible, you should file the immigration application perfectly and the most efficient way of doing that is through professional and Canada immigration consultants.

The Processing time for a Canadian PR depends upon a number of factors such as nationality, type of application, stream chosen for immigration etc. The time also varies with each case as every case has a different way of submitting relevant information and personal particulars. The following short list will tell you the other factors which influence your visa processing time:

  • The Simplicity of your Verification Process : This refers to the documentation and verification process that all visa applicants have to undergo. If you submit all relevant documents pertaining to the information provided in your profile, then it will take the shortest possible amount of time to get processed. Please make sure that all the information you provide in your profile already matches the information detailed in your official documents. Any discrepancy will lead to delays and can even hamper your immigration chances. Regarding special certifications like ECA and IELTS, you need to make sure that they are the latest and no more than a year old. The IRCC accepts IELTS scores valid for up to two years from the date of declaration of result and must remain within this period for the duration of the verification process. So, if your IELTS score is about to expire, it would be wise to retake the test and submit updated certificates to the IRCC.

  • The Quickness of your Response for Relevant Documentation : You should provide the relevant authorities the right documents to validate your person and other credentials as quickly as possible. This will help cut down on the time taken to verify your identity. Note here that all of the documents you submit must be authentic and be stamped on the letterhead of the issuing institution. Otherwise the document may be declared invalid and deter your immigration process further. The following list will tell you what documents you will need to submit in order to make your application to the IRCC for immigration to Canada. Note here that you will need to submit additional documents once you get selected which will be detailed later in this page.

  • Photograph of the principal applicant
  • Medical certificate
  • Police clearance certificates
  • Passport and other travel documents (along with copies)
  • work experience letter (Letter of Recommendation)
  • Proof of funds (for FSW stream)

  • Time taken for Medical Certification and Police Verification : These are certifications and clearances that you will need to submit once you have successfully entered Canada. Other than the documents required for verification of person and accompanying individuals, the particular state might also have documentation criteria for allowing entry into their province and issue of the PR card. For perfect and shortest clearance times, you should get all your relevant affairs in order in your native country before leaving for Canada. There are some documentations which can only be done once you are on Canadian soil so don’t waste your time and money getting these. The most important of the documentation parameters are the medical/health clearance certificates and police clearance certificates. Note here that you will have to get a medical clearance and a police clearance certificate for each person coming with you to settle in Canada, so it would be prudent to have cash ready at hand to provide for these services once you arrive in Canada.