Tuition fees for international students vary from province to province and depend on your faculty of choice. The following table shows the range of tuition fees for each province. Fees are in Canadian dollars – for general arts and science programs.
Country2016 – 20172016 – 2017
CanadaUndergraduate tuition fees for the academic year (International students) ApproxGraduate tuition fees for the academic year (International students) Approx
9000 – 1700012000 – 20000
Studying in Canada is not free, but it is affordable. The average cost for a foreign student for one school year (8 months) in an Arts & Science program is approximately C$7,100 (US$4,765). However, tuition varies from institution to institution. See below for:.
  • One month’s lodging, one-bedroom apartment: $400 Approx
  • Bus fare, one way: $2.25 Approx
  • Local telephone call: $0.25 Approx
  • Modest restaurant meal: lunch $7/dinner $14 Approx
  • Movie: $11.50 – $13 Approx
  • International Postage (letter): $1.40 Approx
Canadian winters are chilly, an adequate warm clothing budget is essential. Budget around $250 – $350 US approximate for proper winter wardrobe. You will need approximately $12,000 US ($18,840 Cdn or 13,000 Euro) to cover your expenses for an academic year. This includes your tuition and living expenses but not your air-fare. Please remember that this figure is an average only. Actual expenses may vary depending on the region of the country you live in, the tuition fees at the university you attend and your field of specialisation. Consult us to assist with your financial planning