Students may work on the campus of the institution they are studying at, without a work permit, if they are:
  • Studying full time at a public post secondary institution or a private post secondary institution operating under the same rules as a public one,
  • They have a valid study permit.
To be able to work off campus,
  • A student must have a valid ‘Off campus work permit’. Such a permit allows you to work while studying but does not guarantee a job.
  • The institution at which the student is studying, must have signed an ‘off campus work agreement’ with their provincial government.
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Full time students with a valid study permit, studying at an accredited public or private institution, may work on campus without a work permit. The type of work that students do under these conditions is normally that of a teaching or research assistant. Some courses have industrial work as part of their study curriculum and have to work off-campus for a few weeks to a few months.  This is often seen in case of Co-op and Internship programmes. In such cases, students have to take a work permit besides their study permit. In most cases, work permits for students are granted if:
  1. The intended employment is an essential part of the programme under study.
  2. The employment is certified with a letter by a responsible official of the institution where student is studying.
  3. The Co-op or Internship duration does not exceed 50% of the total programme of study.
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