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Students located anywhere in the world can answer a few questions about their grades, language scores, skills and interests, and more; And by using software-algorithm, the Aar Overseas platform will match them with programs and institutions they are eligible to study in. When they are ready, they can apply to your expatriate organisation.

Search Unlimited

You can search for your dream course out of 80000+ courses from 30 countries worldwide. You can make your search country-wise, Institute-wise, Category / Sub-Category-wise, or even Course-wise.

Apply Filters

To refine your search, you can apply filters like qualification achieved, IELT score, grades, etc.

Drill-Down Further

You can further drill down the search by selecting the range of course-fee, provinces, and duration of the course you want to pursue.

Course Details

You can view complete details of the course including required qualifications, grades, exams, application fee, tuition fee, duration, and other relevant information.

Book a Video Counselling Session

Video Counselling with our Study Abroad Experts now.

Know the Institute

You can browse for thorough knowledge about the institute including its official-video presentation, world ranking, national ranking, how old it is, where it is located, and much more.

Raise Enquiries

To know something more, which might have not been mentioned over here, you can raise enquires or ask any relevant question. Our experts would revert to you with the answer at the earliest possible.

Book Video-Counselling Session

You can even book a video-counselling session with our overseas education experts to consult face-to-face for your queries. And a video-counselling would be arranged accordingly.

Apply for the Course

After getting your queries answered, you can apply to the course directly from Aar Overseas Course Finder. And you can also seek financial guidance, like education-loan, etc. from us along with the application.

Regular Touch

We assign a Personal Relationship (PR) Manager to you who remains in regular touch with you through video calls or otherwise and helps you throughout the journey to your dream destination.

At the backend, we are more efficient and prompter to perform with the help of this amazing tech platform – the Course Finder.

Unlike other overseas consultants, who still work under the obsolete system and can cause you loss, even the loss of opportunity to you; we are fully equipped with a smart, high-tech, fool-proof student support system. We have the course finder - which automatically streamlines everything on our part - so that we can provide you with a PERFECT service that could enable you to achieve your goal.

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